Week 5 of flowering

I think she is looking pretty good smells wonderful I looked at buds with loop larger ones and notice some of the trichomes already turning dark but the smaller buds still clear does that mean the larger buds are loosing potentcy

Ice thoughts are some awesome pic’s brother…lol
Dam that’s cool…lol
To get back to your question. Which is hard to do after the awesome pig’s
I think I can smell them to dam!! Lol

Maybe some what ya. It’s up to you when to harvest. I know it’s not much of an answer but I dont know a lot about her.
But I would say you are there my friend.

P.S. you got a tell me how she smoked…lol

B Safe

I think I’m gonna give her another week or 2 maybe feed her one more time and then flush with technaflora flora clean it’s my first grow tested with bagseeds got lucky and got 1 female out of 4 plants… something happen the other day went to put in sun before work 8am and as I took her out of she’d buds brushed against my bald head so I go to work and sitting at my desk and I’m looking around saying I smell weed then I realized it was coming from my head

Generally, there is nothing wrong with taking the the top nuggs that look ready and letting the lower ones finish, or ripen on the vine, as they may need.

Ok will do after flush so I can snip the top ones where I can see the trichomes turning dark and harvest those and wait on lower buds to fill out…thks for advice

Would it be OK to snip the ones I topped figure there getting all the light

Usually it will be the ones getting more light that turn more amber first.

Dam Ice that’s funny as hell. Do ya think anyone else smelled it lamo
I once took samples of leaves to check and put them in my pocket and for got they were there and I went with my girlfriend to her appt. While sitting in the waiting room all you could smell was pot freash pot it was even hanging out of my pockets. Talk about laughing…could have passed my pants

B Safe

Good one… I came in early so no one was around