Week 5 of flowering first grow how much longer before harvest and will my buds get any bigger?


The amount of time left depends on the strain and the specifics of your grow, but you probably have 4+ weeks guessing from the look of the buds. As long as she’s getting everything she needs they should fatten up quite a bit more.

Do you know what strain you’re growing?


Northern Lights

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Im using fox farm big bloom and bud & bloom fertilizer feed every 2 days. 1 feed I use big bloom and next feed I use the other. Its my first grow so all advice I useful as I want to maximize my growth

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Man, I’m getting good at this guessing game. :smile:

Also, Northern Lights has a special place in my heart. I had to burn 2 beautiful NL girls when my ex decided she was no longer cool with it. :cry: I already added more NL seeds to my purchase list and will be doing another NL manifold eventually. Best of luck with your grow. I’ll be following along to see the finish.

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Plenty of time and they just now frosting up so great job keep pushing.


Thank you

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