Week 5 flowering, yellowing of leaves with brown spots

Photos on 12/12 light. Medium is MG humus n honey with various amendments worm castings bio boosters pearlite silica. Top dressed at week 4 flower with ocean forest n happy frog. 3 day water cycle feeding every other watering. Fox farm trio nutes at 1/2 recommended dose, epsom salts,peroxide castings and sugar. Temps 75 to 70 RH 55% ph meter broke but as of 2 wks ago I was at 6.2 with living soil i figured id be ok for a bit. Lighting is a 3000w equivalent 615 true watt LED growlight 5780 umole at 18 inchs blue spec,red spec and full spec switches. All light specs plus IR n UV 400 pcs of samsung LED diodes

Please help me out here guys Im worried i still have 4 weeks to go !!!


I think you defoliated her too much. Try some p/k booster. Need lots in flower.

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Yes Ive noticed when I feed Yhey seem to not respond ? Am I going too light on the nutes ? The yellowing subsides for a day or 2 but returns fairly quickly? Am I under feedinh ?

Yy for a speedy response

How is ph? Very important to stay in a 6-6.5 range soil. Next round let them have more foliage. In my experience pruning is great but can be overdone. The leaves feed the buds. No food…no growth. This is what you get when you leave enough to feed the flowers. Just my thoughts. Plus time is just a baseline for readiness. I have NEVER had 1 go according to what timeframe says.

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Nice budz bro!! Yea I have 3 different plants and I’m trying 3 different flowering techniques hst for 2nd biggest mainline for the smallest and lollipop hst combo for the biggest. I’ve noticed my leaves seem brittle but when I must them it goes away should I lower the fans or raise humidity?

I am confused with using peroxide. I imagine you add it for the extra oxygen. However, is a fungicide and antimicrobial. I think it would be killing the bio boosters you add and the microbes etc in your living soil. My guess is your plants are hungry and possibly your mediums pH is off.


PH was at 6.5 2 wks ago but my ph pen broke …lol but yes peroxide does kill both good and bad microbes, but it helps flush the plant and boosts root health then i replenish the nutes. I made a tea for them and they really perked up but i fed them with a heavy dose of foxfarm trio…im afraid to mix any stronger then that, all responded well cept my faborite lol she clearly needs more ?? Any ideas ?? Could she just need so much nutes ??

Ive fed heavy made a compost tea and raised humidity they look much better. Also i transplanted my clones on saterday but they seem to have stalled a bit what can i do to get them hrowing again?