Week 5 flower g.g scrog white/ +other

Have problemo that photo no White net is diff strain was thinking K problem and other calmag issue what to do for my friend you masters say?


Looks like you need Cal-Mag and maybe more nutrients overall. They look hungry.


Cal mag and pk


It was 650ppm runoff after I was watering 350ppm gold label mag then hit it whid 1000ppm npk that was 2day ago can not se better green?


Laughably low

Should have been feeding this consistently and this wouldn’t have occurred imo


Ok but the way i was use is feed after watts so if my light is 500w its 500ppm my Max week 6,7,8 flower, but been low for a long time lol.

Generally it’s like
200-400ppm seedling
500-800 veg
900-1200 flower
Of course some feed more but that’s just a general guideline


but every tabel is for a 1000w light

My is half 500w but can not use all 500w its on 40% now can not go over 40k lux they show burn and canopy is in 40.000lux that yellow whid most def spots

Never heard of that as a guide.
I have 300w and have fed around 2000PPM Don’t see what one has to do with the other?

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Yee its ppm of watts .
And if your tent or space have green you dont see floor,dirt,walls then you can pump up your ppm or its too easy burn plant on to much light and nute.
Think my problem is mix of to much light and go small feed,but was feeding to much before and now is less but its better then overfeed.

Du you know if I can use this in garden its ph down i Think?

Co2 or you lycky and hungry girls hehe