Week 4 flower beautiful growth but defeciencies and high humidity


Know you need the make up.
Plus more detail but any old school grow vets look and call a cultivators guess on what defeciencies this plant has

Looks pretty good to me !!


Second grow I’m always sweating details.
My temp been getting up to 84.
Dark cycle day. Light cycle night.
Plus tried portable a.c. with one exhaust hose.
When it cooled it raised humidity drastically.
When i ran dehumidifier it got to low of temperature.

The most common deficiencies in flower is potassium and phosphorus and also calcium and magnesium def but what is going on with ur plant i believe that its a potassium def

Im not seeing anything alarming. Possibly a light toxicity… more then likely Nitrogen burn. Let me consult the googlepedia

What specifically have u been feeding? And what medium are you growing in?

Week 6 what you guys think?


Them purrdy

I think she’s stacking nicely. Should be outright funky.

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Nice ! For real.