Week 3 super lemon haze auto

First time grower, using fox farms ocean forest soil, water is ph to 6.5 before watering. Plants in fabric pots inside a spider Farmer 2x2x5 tent with an sf1000 led light about 2 1/2 feet above the plants. Any idea why they look so much smaller than almost all other autos i see on week 3?


You might consider dropping that light to more like 18 inches. Nice enough light, but 25 watts per sq.ft is a little under optimal at around 35-40. Get the photone app so you can see exactly what the best placement is using the Daily Light Integral (DLI)/PPFD chart.

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Welcome to the forum, great people n knowledge here! Plant looks fine to me!(no pro) if it helps my plants were all different sizes at the same age. Didnt grow them at same time dont know if that matters lol. Autos kinda do what they want.
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Thank you both for your information. I posted these pictures on reddit as well when I took them this past thursday and only one person commented that they look small for being on their third week. His autos looked twice the size of mine with more leaves on week 3 but it could also just be genetics and strain differences. I went by today to check on them and adjust the light the larger one has gotten noticiably bigger but is a lighter green/yellowish on the inside of the newer leaves. Its hard to tell being partially colorblind. Either way this round is doing fantastic compared to my first try and im happy about it.
Thanks again for the advice and reassurance.


:point_up_2: this. Your plants look great Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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Its normal for the new growth to look a lighter shade of green from the rest of the plant. They will darken up as they age. But, you are correct in taking notice to the new growth because if any new deficiency arise, this will be the place to start checking.

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