Week 3 no nutrition so far



These 8 plants are all 3 weeks old. The first two are gold leaf which I transplanted into ffof 5 days ago. I believe that day they all got to much light with the burn on the leaf I sense then put the lights up to 30 inches from 24 on a 20/4 schedule.
The widows are mixed with ffof and nature living soil original. I have not given any of these plant nutes and the widows seem to be not stretching for the light like I think they are supposed to. This is my first grow. I have ILGM kit for nutes which I was going to use on the widows and substitute (if I run out bc seemed to be only enough for 5 plants) I bought Holland Secret nutes. The Micro, Grow, Bloom, calnesium and Ton o Bud. I was thinking that could be used for the gold leaf and used on some of the widows. I honestly just don’t know when to begin a schedule. I have been watering just the top layer of soil with 6.5 ph not soaking the soil. Also only the gold leaf is staying indoors. The widows are going outside. Thanks in advance for any help! I have been addicted to learning about growing and everyone has already been a great help


They are large enough to fully soak the soil now. Since they were recently transplanted to FFOF you could easily go another 5 weeks nutrient free. You’ll want to monitor your runoff ppm to determine when the soil starts to deplete


Water only. FFOF is hot soil.

Pick up a decent PH and TDS meter if you haven’t already and learn how to use them. Best tool you can have.

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I have a decent ph meter but not TDS can you recommend anything? I was just looking them up but rather ask here

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There’s a whole bunch that work well. Just choose one that outputs in ppm.

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This is the one I use. The cheapies do just fine in this area of testing

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Thanks I just bought that one, had the fastest shipping to my house. It will still take 5 days. So until then I should try watering all the way through? And how often?

Yep, all the way through. TDS won’t be needed immediately anyway. Like I said before, it’s going to be several weeks before that soil depletes. You’ll only want to water when the soil is dry throughout. The pot should feel super light when you pick it up. At this stage it could be 5 or 6 days before they need another watering

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