Week 3 flower issue

Hi all…these are my two WWA at day 86 from sprout if i did the math right should be 3 rd week of flower. One is looking like it is slowing down. FFOF soil and ff trio nutes once a week or so. Not full strength. Ppms measure 800 in tap water and the out is at about 1800 for one and the slower one reads about 2400 im not sure how to interpret these numbers. In a 3 x 3 tent. Temps. between 80f and 70f. Rh 55 to 45. Trying to figure out the issue with the slow poke. Thanks in advance.

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The one that is 2400 ppms i would flush it before lock out happens and ffof soil is a little hot and the 1800 ppm one is that a climbing number?

The more I think about it i would flush them because in the feed schedule for fox farms have 3 flushes in the schedule when I used ffof i had lock out a couple times flush and run nutrients at half strength then when the leaves get a little lighter green you can bump it up a little. I found it easier to use pro mix veg and herb soil mix for me . Hope this helps you and nice grow good and green color

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@thcinkc thanks ill do a flush. The ppm numbers…whats good whats bad how do use them?

So in a perfect world

Say you add 800 ppm

Your runoff or output numbers should be the same

If the numbers raise your plants arent taking up those nutrients so lower the dosage

If they are lower you raise a bit because they are feeding more


Fox farm had a ppm charts and match it up with your meter for the 700 or 500 ppm meter.
I learned to do ro water ph to what ever your medium needs and get runoff number for a base line say runoff is 600 and nutrients is 800 before feeding so some where close to 1400 should be in run off.
Now say your target is 800ppm and ro water runoff is 600 so nutrient solution would be 200 to hit the 800 runoff number.
I honestly don’t use my ppm meter as often as I should and check the ph all the time when I stall or get stagnant i use it but i have been using a brix meter it’s a faster indication of a future problem but you will want to be able to read your plant’s before playing with that.
Also adding brown sugar or molasses or molasses crystals helps things out alot to i use a 1/4 tsp per gallon of molasses crystals.
The thing with ffof soil has alot of nitrogen and you really want that down by middle flower and phosphorus to go up the grow big bottle has alot of nitrogen i would cut it back for sure if not comfortable with doing everything at half strength and adjust according to the plants. Hope this helps you and i didn’t go overboard


Peace… im at about 6-7 weeks with my blueberry and amnesia autoflowers. im starting to see flowering but im a little nervous about my yield being that i trimmed leaves early on and put plants through stress. My question is how do i increase my yields being that i put them through so much stress