Week 3 1/2 of highcountrygal's (hcg) 2018 grow

This week was a warm one for sure, in the 80’s and 90’s, ah San Diego winter. This is the week that everyone decided to go ahead and grow. I took these pics a day apart and you can see um grow like the beanstalk. I have left them inside the green house with the door open, except at night, and they seem to love it. I am going to dose them with some Super Thrive today and work the top layer of soil so it stays broken up. I think I will take a ruler outside to see just how fast they do grow. I’ve also included a pic of my little Shishito peppers poking their heads out.! OOps can’t download the pics so I will continue this in a bit


Sounds fantastic!!!

Good luck on what sounds like an excellent start!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Sounds great but no pictures


Excellent @highcountrygal. pictures, pictures…we like pictures :rofl:

@mulegal LMAO! Yes we do, don’t we! :rofl: :woman_farmer:t4:

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