Week 2 seedings

Someone told me my blueberry lights were hard on the eyes also i did some research and found some better lighting…fans coming soon…new soil on deck ocean farms soil.


Off to a good start


Insanely good 24 hour light?

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Nope 18/6 with a old blueberry color led.

Wow this is my 2 week old best girl zkittle 18/6 just upped to 20 I think I overwatered slightly I’ve been cutting back a lot

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Um whats upped to 20 mean??? But she still looks great i just smoke some zkittles yesterday and man u arw gonna be excited 420 fam

THANKS ,20/4 time schedule and I’m psyched even though I have 10 weeks left blech oh well itll be worth the wait ,im stil super new so I’ve been trying to figure out the best start for my grows i also did a test to see if seed size matter and it super does the smaller the seed the slower your growth is at least at seedling stage and since we’re on a time schedule probably smaller yields overall

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Yea definitely i love the fat kinda stripe dark seeds are the best and :thinking: 20/4 cycle i may try that next grow. That late flower stage will damn near bring you to tears lol.

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Nute im going to use

Interesting are the nutes organic based or salt based?I ll love to know how they turn out with that little package😁

May be salt base because of the recommended feeding…feed water water feed

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Yup salt based dont forget to flush and im sure they’ll do great

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