Week 2 of Northern Lights Autoflower, 1st Grow. How is this looking?

Hey everybody! First time grow for me. I’ve read plenty on these forums and of the grow guides. I just want to make sure that everything looks like it’s going smoothly right now.

  • Northern Lights Autoflower
  • Soil (Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix .2/.1/.1), 4 gallon container
  • PH water is 7-7.5
  • Miracle-Gro Tomato Plant Food 18-18-21 (.5 tbps/week)
  • Indoor grow tent 24x24x60
  • 600w LED grow light, 24/0 cycle, about 4 inches from top of the plant
  • Temps: 75-80, Humidity 55-65%
  • Intake is just a 6 in. desktop fan, outtake 4 in. duct fan w/ carbon filter, no CO2.

As you can see from the pics, the edges of the older leaves curled slightly up, with a couple smaller yellowing edges. Not sure if this is overwatering, but I wouldn’t be surprised since it’s a humid environment and my first couple waterings were pretty heavy (the whole bucket rather than just around the seedling). I also feel like the color is a little bit deeper green than I expected. What are your thoughts? What do I need to work on?

@ForRockandStone from the little I know, you’re going to need a different soil. Miracle grow tends to be too hot for cannabis and tends to cause issues with burning etc. More experienced growers will explain further I’m sure but that’s the main thing that jumped out at me.

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Nitrogen toxicity from the miracle grow soil and miracle grow fert and probably a bit of over watering as well. Stop adding ferts, already too much in the soil, that’s why we are generally anti miracle grow.

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Gotchya. Is it problematic enough to require repotting in better soil, or should I just forgo fert this time around?

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Also need a digital ph meter and ph up and down and ph adjust your water to 6.5 before giving to the plant. That ph meter you have is pretty useless for real ph values and will always say 7-7.5. The most useful part of that meter you have is in the moisture detection, use it for that, don’t water til it is in the dry range at a few different points in your pot.

Need to stop giving ferts as that soil will feed your plants for quite a while, ripping the plant out of that soil to repot in another soil may do more harm than good at this point.

Aight, no problem! We have a digital ph meter for the water, the one in the pic is for moisture. We’ll grab some ph up and down for sure! We won’t touch the ferts for a while either.

In terms of LED distance, there aren’t good set numbers, correct? Right now it’s at 4 in. away. Just making sure to rule out that the yellowing and slight canoeing is from light burn.

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Yeah, light is too close as well, I’d move it so it’s 18-20 inches above the plant.

Thanks for your help here! I moved the light back and have found an immediate improvement. The leaves flattened out instead of canoeing like your were seeing, and new leaves have no curling. Tested my water as well with some pH sticks I have and the digital pH meter and found that you’re right, the digital one in the soil is off by a lot. My water is currently more like 6.0 than 7.5 . I’ll test the runoff when I water today.

Thank you again for all the help! You guys have been awesome.

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Sweet, glad to be of help. Happy growing!