Week 2 of Auto flower normal size?

Curious to know if this is growing right or should I add nutrients now? I used Sohum soil

Can this be saved


I think you’re looking in good shape, and you have a few more weeks before you’ll need to feed nutrients. Do you have nutrients readily available?


I bought fox farm trio before learning about Jack

I recommend Jacks, but fox farms is good too. Fox farms I recommend 1/4 the doses, anything more will cause nutrient burn. They’re in the market to sell more.


Now the soil I am using, it is good for auto. I have more seeds and want to make sure before planting anymore. I also have fox farm ocean forest on stand-by

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Someone correct me if im wrong but so hum is living soil correct?

Yes it is living soil

Agian i noob but im in living soil (purple cow indicanja) and it says just ph corrected water start to finish i add some cal mag and haven’t had any issuses this is week 7 from germ.

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When do I add the Calmag? How much and often should I use it ?

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I do 1ml per liter of water

Thanks for the help

Week 5 start feeding

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