Week 2-3 Flowering Nutrition Issues

I have my plants in ten gallon soil pots, I had nutrition lock that got complicated. Finally I decided to flush plain water by five gallons each plant a day ago. They’re drying out now, my question is when do I introduce nutrition and how do I introduce it?

This morning as a tester I put a small cup of 20-20-20 in three of the plants to see how they take it, one teaspoon per gallon strength.

Can you please tell me what I can do better or what I am doing wrong? Is there a specific nutrition deficiency, etc? I need to put some green back into it.

Honestly looks more like a bug issue than a nutrient issue. Got any closer pics?

On the nutrient issue, you should be managing the runoff PPM for your plant. I’m not sure about your fertilizer, but you will be best off using fertilizer combinations intended for cannabis like Fox Farm, Jack’s, or Advanced Nutrients.

I do @BobbyDigital. But I’m most certain it is not a bug issue. The white stuff ontop of the leaves is a nutrient/crystalization runoff from somebody spraying with flower fuel…lol, say the least not allowing that to happen again.

@MidwestGuy I use peter’s 20-20-20 at the moment.
I heard Jack and Peter’s is basically one of the same, but I could be wrong. New to the nutritional requirements of flowering. Am I safe to start slowly reintroducing my nutrients now that I’ve flushed or should I keep doing water/wait? Can’t seem to find any answers corresponding to this topic concerning flowering, because I know the plants are going to need lots while in flower