Week 17 autoflowers

Week 17 is coming to a close and these girls have all but worn out there welcome - i need to get these out and start making room in the flowering tent.

What does everyone think ? - i could possibly let them go another week but i will need the space sooner rsther then later


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@Wades-concrete Very nice & healthy. Great job!

Wow!! I really suck at this. Fantastic job! Well i will always be improving i guess. Lol.


Let er rip. Looks good.

I’d say your in the window, all personal preference. I like more amber can’t sleep, plus waiting for 3 rd back surgery so helps with pain, but congrats looks like you will have some trimming to do when you do decide to bring her down

@Jmaddog77 …really looking good!

@Wades-concrete You need them out of the flowering tent to make room…for ones in your veg tent? Do you have room in the veg tent? Being autos, they can take a 18/6 or 20/4 light schedule, so if you just need a few more weeks for the trichs to ripen…

Time to chop. Tim- bur!!! :laughing:

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Such a beautiful plant …i love it!

The plants look done. I do not see them adding any more to the flowers.

Thank you everyone for the replies - they are hanging up as we speak.

Getting a bit better each run - one day ill get it right