Week 16 GG Autoflower

This is pic of my Gorilla Glue Auto starting off week 16. She is flowering nicely now! She is almost 5" tall and almost 44" wide. Grow room is 44" w. She is looking like she might be an excellent yield. First, biggest, and slowest out of her and her 5 sisters.
PS I ordered some more of those seeds…thanks Jack!


Very nice :+1:

Thanks Dave101

@Rexy hey I got a question for you, with your autos what light schedule do you prefer, 24h, 18/6, 12/12, or something else ?

20/4 is ideal light scedule. First two weeks should be 24hr with autos and photos.
Learn about DLI it will help you understand true light values

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Ok great I was thinking 18/6, but now I know Thanks :+1:


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What size pot are you using, if you dont mind me asking…

You have a beautiful plant there! Going to tag along, cant wait to see the harvest!

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@Dave101 @Nicky I did 18/6 until week 12 when this one was not flowering, so I went to 12/12 on her.

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18/6 is what I did, until this freaky big girl needed the 12/12 switch. genetics, might have some photoperiod genes

No worries…5 gal short squat plastic.

@Rexy She’s beautiful I’m going thru kind of the same thing I have one monster that was supposed to be an auto it’s holding all the traits of an auto as far as height and canopy but she just isn’t doing what she should be for flowering very slow growth problem is I have other autos with it so I don’t want to loose yield on them I’m currently trying 15/9 some exotic shit lol She seems to be blooming much more rapidly so I may just run 12/12 and count on my genetics from my other autos to at least let them finish with decent yields can’t make my mind up I’ll be following along looks like she’s going to be a beast and super healthy good job man

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She’s beautiful