Week 15 Auto - Regrows?

This is a Northern Lights AF that was started outdoors. I had to bring inside at week 10 and it seems to be getting further away fro harvest. This is my 1st grow so any advice would be appreciated

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That plant is nuts. I would chop it. But up to you if you want to let it keep going.

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It’s my 1st grow if I cut it now do you think it will be a good finished product or should I wait till the Trichomes turn amber? They are still clear. I have them in a 4x4 with 1200 led 24 inches away. 75 day time temp 70 night . 50 rh
Fox farm nutrition by the schedule but extended because they are 15 weeks old! Also found this bad boy today :confused:image|375x500

That’s definitely not good. I would double check, where there is one, there’s more.
I would let it keep going until trichomes are at least white, or milky.

One of the reasons they were brought in doors! I went through bud by bud to check for them last week I found 3 and this guy today. Do auto’s take longer sometimes or by bringing the in did I mess them up