Week 14 on autos, no amber yet? Plants looking rough

These two autos are well into week 14 from sprouting. The last 2 pics are a White Widow auto, the first 2 pics are an Auto Cheese.

I know the plants don’t look good ( some errors on my first tent grow) but there are a ton of white trichomes. They just refuse to turn amber. The plant has been like this fer a couple of weeks.

Will I see amber at some point?


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Any amber, at all? You don’t want all amber, maybe 10%-30%, depending on preference.

Can’t see amber under magnification.

So it grows clear turns cloudy then amber

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I’d go ahead and cut it down. With the leaves dead like that it’s gonna effect the appearance of buds

Run them a few days on water only to flush the nutrients out, that’s about all you can do right now to improve the taste, it’s dying. They look like they were a little heat stressed.

I ran a few gallons of just RO water through both yesterday before putting the pics up to flush them. When the soil dries a bit I will start the harvest procedure. The temp never gets above the upper 70’s when the light is on. The tent is in a garage with A/C and a dehumidifier. 78/79 during the day, around 74 at night since they sprouted. This is only my second grow. The first was outside and did better even though I am in SWFL.


Perhaps the light hours were set too long? Stretching like that is usually caused by heat or lack of flowering hormones. Even though they’re auto flowering, it may help to shorten the hours sometime during flowering, but I’m just guessing, I’m no expert on auto flowering, I tried them myself and didn’t like the results, but that’s me…