Week 12 GG Auto NOT flowering yet

Hi all, This bushy girl is starting week 12, and is still not flowering. Looking for your opinions please.
Currently waiting to turn the lights off on her for a couple days, and start 12/12 to trigger her…but I still have a couple of others (one getting close, and one, a couple of weeks out) in the room.
I have already harvested, dried, and enjoying 3 of their sisters, around weeks 9 and 10.
They are most excellent I might add. Yielding average of 4oz/plant.


A dark period before flip isn’t necessary it does speed transition supposedly but I never do it I just change lights to 12/12 and she will go into flower! Occasionally you will get a pheno that takes after photo period parent and that’s great! Now you have a good size plant that will probably yield very well from the looks! 12/12 shouldn’t have any ill effects to your flowering autos they don’t care.


Thanks @Teffygreenthumb. I will 12/12 them today! So IF they start flowering, I might have another 4-6 weeks for flowering stage. So much for the 10 week promo…lol


Rex waiting…


It happens man haha and if it is a photo period so if it does go into flower you should expect another 8 weeks at the least in flower


LOL…well it takes what it takes, can’t rush her. Maybe next time I should just try photos. lol.


You could end up with one of those monster hauls off of an auto.
Are you seeing any of these on her?


I do see those

With photos it is an indication it is mature enough to flower. So, with that, good to switch to 12/12

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Thanks, I really appreciate your help. She probably has about 30+ flower sites.
Might be the biggest yield of the crop yet…hoping.

I currently have a Jack Herer auto going. First sign of her getting ready to flower was day 51. Much longer than I am accustomed to by a good amount. It is now two weeks later and she is pushing pistils. You can check it out at An auto, three photos and a clone
She has the potential to be one of the larger autos I have grown too. I have probably removed 15 lower interior buds while in their early formation

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I have an Auto GG that is doing the same thing. It will eventually go into flowering no matter how much lights hours it gets. Mine is finally flowering and it has been at least 3 months now. All my other auto’s flowered fine with 15/9 lights hours. Mine is about the same size as yours and when it finishes it will be a monster full of huge colas! I’m not sure i will buy anymore autos and just use up the ones i have. I like more control of my plants and like standard seeds best.
I did do some super cropping on mine so i was thinking that might have made it not flower but the other 6 didn’t have any problems with super cropping. Every grow i have there is always 1 that acts weird. Not all seeds are the same especially we don’t know what generation seeds we are getting…

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How’s it growing,
I didn’t do any super-cropping, topping (oops broke 1-main), or anything else, besides feed and water them with some LST. Mind if I ask you what kind of yield did you get with super-cropping the others?
I have 3 down and jarred, one in the dry room, and waiting for the last 2.
#1 Yielded 3oz, 8g
#2 Yielded 4oz, 4g
#3 Yielded 5oz, 9g (the broken off main during lst) Hmm…
Happy growing


I haven’t weighed my yields and probably won’t ever because the plants give different yields unless you clone from a good mother plant. I just now tried the super cropping because i double topped all of them also. I call it double topping not sure what it is called but i have 4 mains instead of just one so it is like having 4 plants in one. So i did the super cropping to make the plant stronger to hold all 4 mains. I tied them up so the mains don’t fall over or break off. I have 6 plants flowering right now but really there is 24 plants from the double topping. Hope this makes sense to you. From your pics it looks like you have some nice plants using lst so i wouldn’t change anything unless you want to try something different. Happy Growing!

And by the way i just started growing indoors so this is mostly new to me from being a grower for 50+ years. My state just legalized medical last year so this is the only time i felt comfortable growing indoors or outdoors. Never got to try different things and not much on the net for a grower to learn from until the last 10 years or so.

I have a thread here just like yours about my GG will not flower…

Do you use any nutrients? I have RAW brand and use them weekly. They have recipes you can go by or use your own experience. They will make some beautiful plants and bug free too! This place has some great info also. Seems the more you grow the more you learn. My experience has been learn as i go with this indoor growing.

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Yes, I’ve been using Technoflora’s recipe for success. I cut the recipe in half for the indoor auto’s. I am using the full recipe for my outdoor girls, they can handle it better than the auto’s.

PS my buddy averaged 3.2 oz per plant on his GG auto’s that he scrogged, I am averaging over 4 oz per plant by not scrogging. Just saying it is interesting info.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve never used the scrog method. Another one i might try out.

When mine got into flowering i use nutrients twice a week until then just once every other water. I spoon feed. I’ve never had all 6 grow the same and need the same nutrients.

Have fun and let us know if your GG finally flowers. I’d be interested.

So Big Bertha has developed some sort of issue that I cannot identify. It looks like a few different things to my novice eyes. Does anyone know what this yellow spots on the leaves may be?
P.S. She does look like she is responding to the 12/12 switch, and is trying to flower now.
Thanks all.

Did you get it figured out?

@rolling56 Thank you! Not really. I did raise the lights on her. She is just a unique girl. This is week 13, and shes actually started flowering now and looking healthy regardless of the yellow blotches. IDK, probably pretty rootbound since her siblings were all rootbound, and she’s twice their sizes. She’s also over 38" wide. I let her dry out good before watering her.