Week 12 from germination. 7 weeks flowering. White Widow Auto

These were from a few days ago. The calyxes are already swelling. Lowered the nute dosage and pH to around 5.8. PPM read 004. RH is between 40-50% Dehumidifier is set to 30% Temps between 75-81 degrees US Fahrenheit. Just a couple more weeks!



A ding dang do! Very nice work, and getting close! So lush, green, and sugary. :+1:

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They look nice. One pic said ready to harvest. I don’t see that harvesting is now.
Let them go until the trichomes start turning amber 20% as a rule.
At least two more weeks and the Ladies will have a major increase.

Trics are already milky. Maybe another week…