Week 10 flower gelato

2nd harvest. My first harvest I waited to long. Ive looked at other people pics but I cant really tell when looking at mine.Do these look ready now

I would say not yet
Still alot of clear trichomes

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Yeah there’s a lot of milk but also a lot of clear wait till you see first Amber’s and then check them daily


Yep. Agree with others. You are getting close. Take similar pictures every couple of days and begin to look carefully for cloudy trichomes & some amber.

Here is a photo of a Bubbilicious in week 13 from last Sat. This is one of the buds, not the main cola. The main cola on the same plant is showing about 5% amber trichomes; almost all trichomes on the main cola are cloudy. Looking to harvest in the next two weeks. Taking comparative photo’s every two days.