Week 1 Big Bud Auto grow

My setup: 4x4x7 grow tent kit.
600 watt LED light

Seeds: MSNL Big Bud Auto

Soil: 3 autos in (top soil, chicken manure, carbonated rice hull, PPM190)
Soil: 3 autos in ( Unknown soil from the Philippines, PPM 90)

I am doing germination now with the paper towel method. Please give me advice about nutes for these 6 autos and PPM advice for autos.


Don’t want to give nutes till first nodules turn yellow. For now just mist at least twice daily after sprouting. Got lights about four inches above depending on what medium are you using for the seedlings

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Don’t feed them now… After you top or fimm them, let the rest and after you get 4-5 true leaves you can feed them… And for light please respect the manufactur instructions for seedling, veg and bloom…
This picture’s are from a Mars 300.

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Thanks for the reply. I am germing them still. Before i put them in the soil should i soak the soil really well with alot of PH’ed water? I heard I am supposed to do this. And I also heard you do not top or fim autoflower plants…


I only soaked my girls 36 hours and put into presoaked pods. After that only mist two or three times daily on 18/6. Not sure what medium you plan on using. If you put into Solo cups I would dappen soil or coir before placing girl into it. If using cfls for seedlings place about 4" above them. Don’t wanna put into large pots yet.
Hope this helps.
Happy Growing✌

I would recommenced using a 5 or 7 gallon pot. I used a 3 gallon and got root bound mid flower. I just finished a BB auto grow. I transplant from the dixie cup to the final pot at day 10 for mine. All my autos are in 5s now except my magnum. it is in a 7. I am also going from a Dixie cup to 1 gallon then to a 7 for this magnum I just started. If you would like to see my Big bud in a condensed form.
Check out the link below and the pot number 562, 584, 586, 603
It will give you an idea what to expect with your plant. Mine was in a 4x4 alone. it was about 40" tall and 42" wide
This was an easy plant to grow. My friends are all enjoying it now :grin: I use coco for my grows
I also use a 23w cfl light over the seedlings at about 2 fingers off the plant, till they get put in there final pots. has worked out well for me. I start every thing off in rapid rooters my self. Just how I learned. I have also topped every auto I have done with no issues.
Good luck with your grow. And this is just letting you know what works for me. There are a lot of right ways to start these off.