Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


There you go buddy



Thank you. I would like nothing better seeing a biding war over it…lol



You’ve already got bites here!


The tricomes are still clear on my short girl haven even started looking at the big one yet but all getting very frosty don’t need this storm coming pray for Florida



HogMaster ordered a table last night to go with his recliner.



Prayers and hugs :hugs: Just keep you and yours safe


Awesome! May not need eBay, you’ve got Weedville residents!


Iam good sofar iam in va.but we still might get some effects


Good to know. I won’t start worrying about you yet🤗


Thanks they say something probley Tuesday hopeing just rain but not to
heavy I got heavy enough stuff going on right now don’t need the wroung


I know what you mean. I’m with you :hugs:


Mine are out side so making me a little nervous


I’m an grower also so emphasize for you. Crossing my fingers :blush:


RIP Troy Gentry. Another soul lost too early.



Got one order from HogMaster …it’s a small table for next to his recliner’





Good Morning Weedpatch! Hope all you Fl folks are in a safe place