Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


Good Morning Weedpatch! going to a beautiful day in the mtns


Hey @garrigan65 Those storm get to u yet?


O h boy did they ever, thought the whole place was coming to an end last night my girlfriend never hugged me like that before hahaha scared the hell out of her … lol


@garrigan65 It started raining here about 730 . never really heavy. If there were thunder storms I slept thru it!.
Glad to hear you and your gf are closer now lol

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@garrigan65 @BIGE its on!
droped 6 seeds yesterday checked them today and 4 of the 6 had sprouted a taproot already so in the dirt they went. The other 2 look like the may be popping open so I just put them in to the paper towl and I’ll check them in the morning.


So your off to the races … lol Good for you now what’s the strain your growing ?

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@garrigan65 I got 3 Gold Leaf and 3 Crystal .
The last 2 were sprouted this morning so they’re in the dirt now.
If manage to not kill them off over the next couple days I’ll be good


good Morning weedpatch!
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i’m about to take the summer off from growing weed!


That’s a nice looking cola… Sweet

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4 of 6 broke ground other 2 a day or 2 behind


Happy PI day to all yall
@garrigan65 @BIGE @SmoknGranny @Sittingbull64


you are getting started,and i’m wrapping my grow up for the summer…lol
i plan on growing an auto or two inside,just to cure the urge to grow…
i may try to grow some shrooms out in the shed this spring…lol


Good Morning WQeedpatch !! and the old guy @garrigan65 shoveling crap looking for a pony


1st day of spring and its 27 degrees out https://youtu.be/sQX-RVNs5fg


it has been fairly nice here @Sasquatch…pollen is out screwing up my allergies,but it will be gone soon i hope…lol how are things in the patch? who is that guy in the corner hitting on the pay phone?


@BIGE it had been up and down temp wise. lots of rain! They say its going to be 60s next week. I get high pollen alerts everyday almost. Everythig is budding except my crop. But that too will come…

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Well howdy! I’ve got seeds coming up too while watching it rain or snow. Out west here we are just having a winter that won’t quit. At least I’m not buried in 20 ft of snow like the folks on the mountain!

I’ve got 4 Mazar Sharifs up and two more should be up soon. These little devils are growing like —-well, weeds! Two days old and two inches tall. I guess they can reach 10-12 ft high, must be why they are growing like that.

I’m trying to get Erdpurts up but only one is up and one maybe. So I tossed three Nicole Kush/Morrocan seeds in to see what they do. Soon there will be little weed plants everywhere!

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Sounds like your going to be crowded again! All 6 of mine are going strong. Going to be in the 60s here Friday and gets better from there it looks like. I’ve been well past ready for warmer e weather lol

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It’s going to be very crowded as I’m keeping both males and females to make seeds!