Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


Good Morning Weedpatch! going to a beautiful day in the mtns


Hey @garrigan65 Those storm get to u yet?


O h boy did they ever, thought the whole place was coming to an end last night my girlfriend never hugged me like that before hahaha scared the hell out of her … lol


@garrigan65 It started raining here about 730 . never really heavy. If there were thunder storms I slept thru it!.
Glad to hear you and your gf are closer now lol


@garrigan65 @BIGE its on!
droped 6 seeds yesterday checked them today and 4 of the 6 had sprouted a taproot already so in the dirt they went. The other 2 look like the may be popping open so I just put them in to the paper towl and I’ll check them in the morning.


So your off to the races … lol Good for you now what’s the strain your growing ?


@garrigan65 I got 3 Gold Leaf and 3 Crystal .
The last 2 were sprouted this morning so they’re in the dirt now.
If manage to not kill them off over the next couple days I’ll be good


good Morning weedpatch!


i’m about to take the summer off from growing weed!


That’s a nice looking cola… Sweet


4 of 6 broke ground other 2 a day or 2 behind


Happy PI day to all yall
@garrigan65 @BIGE @SmoknGranny @Sittingbull64


you are getting started,and i’m wrapping my grow up for the summer…lol
i plan on growing an auto or two inside,just to cure the urge to grow…
i may try to grow some shrooms out in the shed this spring…lol


Good Morning WQeedpatch !! and the old guy @garrigan65 shoveling crap looking for a pony


1st day of spring and its 27 degrees out https://youtu.be/sQX-RVNs5fg