Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


Your dam wright I do …. He’s headed to the compound even you should know that … lmao


you doing ok old man @garrigan65


ya doing ok … cold as you know what


yea it is here too @garrigan65 they say its going t warm back up after that… we’ll see


Good Morning Weedptch!


Good morning weedville have a great day.


yep we get sunshine today! and a lot warmer!


yep and I can’t wait for the warmer weather eighter


so Beatles it is !


@garrigan65 Im going to start my seeds Monday. Game on then.
my big worry right now is did I get my soil too hot? It looks really good!



Well there’s only one way to find out … lol
How big of a pot are you going to use for vegg and flower


when I mix my soil I mix it 3 different ways, first my seedling soil, then i’ll make my flower soil and put that in the larger pot first then i’ll make my vegg soil and place on top of the flower soil. and after that i’ll make some special micro tea give that to them once a week and water, that’s it … oh and watch them grow.
So far this grow and I only have about 3 more weeks to go I have not had one thing go wrong. It’s been a complete success for this grow.


@garrigan65 Im using 10 gal. 4 super soil 2 using Roberts nutes


Ok then your not going organic this time around


@garrigan65 I have it figured out some where on paper how far to fill my pots. I think those pots hold 1.5 cuft. I’m putting 1 cuft of my mix with a 1/2 cuft of regular soil on top with some worm castings mixed in to that. Im going to start my seeds in cups tht are short enough they wont stick in the the hotter soil…


oh but I am with 4 of them. the other 2 are back ups incase I burn the other 4 up!


That’s being smart, always good to have a backup


@garrigan65 you off the crapper yet? Im givin u a call


this dam f’n phone … call me again ok