Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


I’ll call ya


@garrigan65 you up ? Your battery operated cane charged? That beaver stop chewing on your door?


I’m using all the logs I have in the back yard to build a raft. I should be ready by the middle of March and head out. But Wilson isn’t helping any, lmfao


Going to be a beautiful day! 60 degrees !
Next Wed the high is going to be 34

That dam ground hog needs to straighten this crap out


I can’t handle much more of this shit, how about you


@garrigan65 I’m hoping next week is the last cold snap. That would make the ground hog correct! Other wise we take the little bastard out back and put a cap on his ass!


Don’t you mean a cap in his " ASS " LOL


Yea that too @garrigan65


Now that’s service… Ordered seeds on Monday. They got here today (Saturday). Love it!


Only at ILGM my friend


@garrigan65 did you hear the boom?
Man I thought a bomb went off this morning. It was so loud and booming it woke me. The widows rattling I thought the house was going to fall down
Turns out I only farted …


I wish I could say something but the forurm stops me and I thought that smell was the chicken factoy , but know I know …. lol


who’s up for a beer run?


Oh go ahead @garrigan65 you know you want to LMBO


@BIGE you know that’s going to make a mess!


Goodmorning Weedpatch! and the old man @garrigan65 sitting in the corner wondering why his timex took a lickin but still aint tickin


@bige you got anything going on out there ?


the cold!!! lol
i’m about to harvest some pineapple express hindu kush and master kush
then that will be it except maybe a few autos until fall
been growing shrooms as well,i’ll probably keep growing them through the summer


@BIGE Im going super soil again. I got me soil mixed right this time I think. worried I got it too hot. doin 2 GL and 2 crystal with super soil. Going to do 2 more with fertilizer as back up. I have 2 jack Herr autos Ill probably drop too


Hey @Sittingbull64 IIts about that time my friend ….