Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


Yeah, i was working a lot to save up for some minor surgery with time off. Then the weather turned really bad during my time off while traveling. There were a couple of times i couldn’t get home due to snow and closed roads.
But I’m still here, checking in every so often.


My internet was knocked out around 7:30 this morning. I’m sure it had something to do with all the rain we’ve had. It just now came back on.


Its good to know your still out there @loneviking. Sounds like your broke down like the rest of us.


I was down in Savannah yesterday got back tonight. Weather was nice


Hey @garrigan65 when they doing a10 +10 sale.


Never mind…


You drying out @bige ?
I heard @garrigan65 was last seen floating around in his bathtub!


we have had two days of sun here…thank goodness,expecting another nice day today before more rain…
it is getting rediculious


We’ve had a couple days of Sun. Sounds like we might make it to Wednesday before the rains come back. All the streams were at the brink of spilling over here. luckily none did,at least not by the house


Her ya go @garrigan65 a little bath tub music


The Band That You Used To Play With …


Well I got seeds on the way, soils ready… All I need is warm weather


Goodmorning Weedpatch! And the old guy in the corner @garrigan65 looking for a paddle


Yup, I’m just a rolling Down A River lmfao



In fixing to get hit again … @garrigan65
Give me holla w when you got a min


can you buzz me I can’t find yours I bought a new phone and lost some numbers along the way


@garrigan65 will do… Say when… I’m up not sure about you old timers


Go for it my friend


You lose my# again @garrigan65


Yes like a dumb ass … dam phones when you transfer you always loose numbers or something never fails