Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


@garrigan65 I think your going to get the worst of it. @sittingbull64 will have it worse than I will


I know it. My back yard is a swamp of muck


What did you use for a base and what are your amenments ?


I used happy frog for the base. Used the list of amendments that I sent you


@garrigan65 you still afloat?


i think everything in my yard has floated into his…lol
he may be pinned in!


I’ve got a lot of rain here. Creeks are close to flooding.



Is correct. this is getting a bit ridiculous if you ask me. And today 2 more inches. I’m thing of moving back to Seattle … Now that’s bad.


that is bad there…lol


But does Seattle want @garrigan65 ? Lol


So your going to start are ya now … lmao
Besides yes they do. and they even said I could after 25 years that I could … so there… lmfao


@Bige this is what happens when you tie your boat up to your front p porch and the popo cut it loose cause it wasn’t a licensed boat dock. Lol
Life on the @garrigan65 compound


You don’t want to go to Seattle. I was just there and they had two feet of snow this month and then rain, then more snow and more rain. It’s a mess!


Wow that’s crazy, But I did live there in FederalWay, Wa. for 32 years. and I never saw it like that…wow


Hey @loneviking how ya been. Been awhile


It’s official @garrigan65. Charlie Daniels says is raining in TN


No doubt about it. 4:30 this morning started down pouring like you know. The weather man said no more till Sunday or Monday I think it Monday but any way he has his head up his ass



@garrigan65 was that you I just saw getting rescued of your front porch? Lol


It very well could have been … the little creek is now a full blown river