Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature



I’m sure you’ll be ok …they said it was getting better so they kept me on the med’s for infections.


glad to hear you are getting better…infections are no fun!


No there and you got that wright.
So, any way how you been ? We haven’t talked in a while.


been good,just growing hemp like it’s going outta style!
i grew some shrooms as well this winter…lol


Ya I hear ya about the hemp. In Tenn. You can grow it but the dam rule are about 5" thick and they make you pay for every thing. Say your growing and them fuckers show up. For every test they want done you have to pay for. that includes not only the hemp but oil that you make from it. . So in other words, you pay for as many SAMPLES AS THEY WANT and that can be exspencive


i meant MMJ referring to hemp…lol
only samples they going to take from here is JR Samples,from samples moters BR549



Come over and check out my new threat. I think you will or mite want to look into this new way of feeding your plants


What up weedpatch!


Not a hell of a lot … But it did sleep at a Holiday In last night lol


Well did it help any lol


You know it did … lmao


How’s the shoulder doing.
I don’t wanna hear about no green puss filled gaping wounds @garrigan65


hahaha to funny … The shoulder is much, much better now and the left is a lot better as well. and thank you for asking. as for that bike , he wanted way to much money, I had $4000. he want 6 and that was it so I walked away. His loss


if the bike was in good mchanical and cosmetic condition that wouuld be a ok price
but 4k is a much better one!


it wasn’t. I did a lot of research and that’s what I came up with. But I still mite go for it, but not right now.


@garrigan65 So I got all my dirt mixed up and its been sitting in containers for almost a month in the spare bedroom. So Mrs Squatch tells me all that bat shit and worm dirt is stinking up the whole house. I laffed :sunglasses:




Well we have about a week of shitty wet weather coming to visit.


I know and that su&%s big time. 80% rain here for the next 4 days then 40% and 20%.
So how’s my buddy doingthese’s days ?
The Misses get over that smell … maybe it’s time to put it in the garage …


Yea she stopped fussin for now. Don’t have a garage so it’s staying inside. I may have a batch that needs double bagging