Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


@garrigan65 you know it brother. Getting old sure enough sucks at times …


LMFAO, And something we don’t talk about either …

I’m going up to that friend of mine who has that bike I was talking about.
The other friend of mine Eric had talked to this friend and the guy with the bike ask him if I really wanted the bike cause he hadn’t heard from me yet.
So when Eric told me that I told Eric to setup a time for today.


Cool beans @garrigan65 you going to give me the seat off it? Lol


HELL NO … if I were to do that the bike would loose it’s image as a chopper.


Well I guess I can let you make it up to me … :laughing:



Ok then, you can have my old Compound, LMFAO



Well did you get it? @garrigan65


We are going to hook up tomorrow. we just couldn’t get our shit togetter today


Well i had rather it drag than fly…unless its due to pain @Sasquatch. Its been a hard winter in my neck of the woods…but its all up hill from here


@sittingbull64 deja-vu all over again :joy:


This Weekend only Now playing at Garrigans Compound Don’t Be Late. Come Hang With Us And You To Can Be Bound For The Floor …LMAO


Good morning weedpatch!


Are you up and alive yet old one … lmao


I was and I’ve slept again and right now… I’m up


I have to wake up the girls at 6:00 was thinking about given ya a buz say 15 maybe 20 after 6


anyone need some rain? i would be happy to share!


Holar any time @garrigan65


I got plenty currently @bige lol


I have a Dr. appt. this morning at 9:45
Their going to cut my thumb open and drain it and clean up that infection I have going on.
I hope this clears it up … lol


Man I almost lost my lunch!