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Hey Marty. I found a 1974 Harley chopper the other. The is a good friend of mine but I never had been to his house. But my best friend and I went there the other day and that’s when I found it. He had 5 other Harley there but I told him I would cash him out on the chopper. He really doesn’t want to part with it but I told him that it’s just going to sit there and rot away. and he kinda a agreed. I should know by the end of next week if I can go and get it. He also had and old piece of driftwood that was made into a coffee table but not finished and I told him I could trick that out no problem but I had no room in the Mustang. I get that next week as well But the bike is what I really want


What did you offer for it? Did he name a producer?


No price was talked about but I did tell him I had the cash on hand and that would not be a problem and my best friend that was with me had already told him that I had the cash. I think there is a good chance that i’ll get it. Hell the guy needs the money real bad from I my buddy told me.

Producer not sure what you mean ?

Oh ya the bike looks like this only it’s like a sky blue



If he does sell it to me and it does run to by the way, i’m going to put an electric starter on it cause these leg’s have had it … lmao


I want that seat and sissy bar!


Turned out pretty good. Got 9 oz off off it and I thought was great considering how late I started it. And the smoke was awesome


Good morning WEEDVILE.
We are about to get some snow today and as of 5:17am EST. it was knocking on or door. Hold on just rechecked the radar and it’s here just starting to rain, then it’s to change over to snow and get very cold.
This is @Sasquatch kind of weather …


They have taken almost all the snow out of my forecast. Looks like its going too bee a cold temp event here


Hey look here… @sittingbull64 got some cake!


Hey todaY is @Sittingbull64 Birthday. He has been with ILGM for one year as of today. giphy



Hey look what I found in my travels this morning … lmao



Ya that’s my 2nd cousin twice removed. @garrigan65 … He’s kind of ass! Lol


Good morning Weedpatch ! And the old guy @garrigan65 in the corner having a hot toddy https://youtu.be/eFFgbc5Vcbw


Life on the @garrigan65 compound https://youtu.be/4lxINyZxbgU


@garrigan65. Thanks brother. Didn’t realize it had been that long…


Damnit time flys dont ju t brother @Sasquatch


Right now @sittingbull64 it’s dragging. Messed my back up last Thursday. On the up side I can walk today!


I didn’t know that you had hurt your back. Glad to hear that it’s better thanit was. BUT IN ANY CASE BE CAREFUL OK


It does this every year @garrigan65 . This time was the worst yet. I wouldn’t wish this on any one. A big O bowl every couple hrs helps.


I hear ya brother, Looks like the both of us are off to a shitty start this year. not lol so hard this time…