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Hey , hey ,hey, look who’s back. We were woundering what had happened to ya.
But that doesn’t mater now. Glad to see you back brother we all have missed you big time. I hope it was all ok. I’m going in for my next shoulder joint replacement. I just had the right one don and now that i blew out my left shoulder that has to be done next week. Other than that not much has changef.
Good to see you back your friend
Will. P. S.
Sorry just glad to see you back. We have lost other members with no other communication and we thought that that happend with you.


Same her brother. After my dad had that wreck there has been so much going on and I just took a break. And I sure have missed bullshitting with all yall. And that makes me feel awesome. But yes sir I’m still around


Hey @sittingbull64 ! Glad to see your alive and kicking. We got us a good storm on our hands. I think your going to get the worst of it. How you fare with the snow storm
Ps it’s all up hill from here lol


As you can see @sittingbull64 not much has changed around here. @garrigan65 is still old and now he’s literally falling apart!


A little hill music to get your Sunday morning going



I think @Sasquatch needs to be on that train lmao


This is more your speed @garrigan65


Yup, I love the Blues


As a young sasquatch I grew up hearing this music echoing thru the mtns


Yes well I’m glad nothing has changed. Wouldn’t be the same. Me right now I’m trying to work 3 jobs and look after my dad and still managing to get some plants up and going. But the 3 jobs is about to come to an end thank goodness. So how did the autos turn out @Sasquatch?


It wasn’t too bad…12 inches. But we got a massive ice storm before the snow that was the worse I’ve ever seen on my neck of the woods


Not sure just yet. I dried and tried a taste of it. Got a nice high of off it. Had one that turned blue. I had to take them down at 11 weeks.They weren’t finished. I think the cold slowed them down too much. But it’s all in jars now waiting.
How did your 20 gal pot turn out


Good morning weedpatch! We had hell of a time at the @garrigan65 compound last night! Film at 11


Dam I woke up and can’t remember where I parked my tour bus.
If you find it please return or let me know where it at. Here is a couple of picks inside and out



Hey you know when your surgery going to be?


All I did to my arm was to pull that bisep mussel I only riped one of two connection points to the arm I guess so they said it will heal just fine but to be very careful in what I do…ya right…i’ll try I told him… So any way i’ll be good to go by the middle of March


That’s a whole lot better than surgery long a you don’t lose any use


You got that right, This will heal much quicker then the surgery would have that for sure and mush less painful also. But ya my right arm is doing awesome I’m way ahead of schuduel with movement my motion is far better than everyone thought including my doctor.


That’s good news… @garrigan65 Now you can go back to watching porn! :laughing:


Ya, just can’t over do it … lmfao