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I have a bag of sulfur of you want to swingg by and pick it up @SmoknGranny
What is your tap water ph ?


That’s what I was trying to say. Hard water is some where around 8.5 dolomite lime would raise it even more. Sulphur would lower it.
Mixing the Sulphur into the soil would be a guessing game at best. So adjusting the water before hand is the solution. To me this is the best way she could adjust the P H in her water >
I was going by POST # 5916 Is why I mentioned the Sulphur did know if she could get this stuff. The Sulphur she could at any hardware store.


I think the zero water filter would work. It removes 99.6 % of dissolved soils. Technically that would help reduce her ph.
According to the company the only water comparable to water filtered with their filter Would be purified bottle water


Hey there your up and rolling early this morning lol


Actually im not roiling… I use a pipe my friend… Lol


You won’t believe this, I blew out my left arm yesterday wright after I got home from seeing my Doctor. Now I have to go back this morning to see what he wants to to. Isn’t that f*%Ked up…lol


Holy crap bat man. How bad?


Same way my right arm went out. It was just a matter of time. He ( MY DOCTOR )was impressed with my right arm so I told him that my left arm needed to be done next and he said we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Well, I got to the bridge wright after I had got home.
I was picking up a 2x6x8 board of lumber and it popped big time hurt like you know what … lmao


That’s gotta suck @garrigan65
Mine pops now and then but I have almost full range of motion.


I can’t move it in any direction or it goes into a muscle spasm and it hurt like you know what…lol


Man I sorry to hear that. How’s your other arm?


It’s much, much better. The way I see it at least i’ll have both arms up and working at I hope 100% by spring.


You never did answer if filtering with a zero water filter would work


an ol’ timer turned me onto using bloom/grow crazy…lol


Yes, that’s exactly it @Sasquatch


I’m going to use it this time. Going to go back to Bloom Crazy next go around.
Preciate the info @Budbrother


@garrigan65 @SmoknGranny I tried out my little mixer today. Did a dam good job too!


Hell ya … can’t wait to see a motor on it


@garrigan65 I had to make a couple adjustments to it but I did learn something. Your going to need a steel drum to use a motor.
I can turn this really easy from the lid end of the barrle. Even @SmoknGranny could do it


Hey guess who is back @Sasquatch. Been in hibernation brother… how has things been with everyone? It’s a long cold winter in my neck of the woods