Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


Yep :+1: Not only read about the content but country of origin. I just tossed a gift of lotions made in China being fully aware of contamination in MANY foreign countries.


When you zoom the photos and look at contents, it’s not the same as what’s on @Sasquatch container.
I sent a photo to the seller when I cancelled my order.


I never used budswell but over heard good things Abbott it… Hidden treasure is suppose to be good stuff too.


I’ve used Bloom Krazy bat guano before and had good results


I’ve used sunleaves the past 2 grows and it had bat guano on the front liable


Just heard back from the manufacture @Sasquatch


This is what I use and it’s the real thing made from from Bat Guano




I have used the bloom crazy. Good stuff. Can’t find it in stores only on line


I’m trying to wrap my head around using dolomite lime in my next batch of super soil using hard water. As I understand it my local water is very hard and it’s what I be watering with. So will adding the dolomite as opposed to hydrated lime make ph better or worse? I’m about ready to mix up a batch CORRECTLY and would appreciate feedback please @garrigan65 @Sasquatch and anyone else using SS. I did talk to HTG Supply & their rep suggested not to use dolomite in my mix.


So are they trying to say it’s bat guano but they lable it rock phosphate cause it can turn to rock phosphate?


Go with the sweet lime (dolomite)

Why would they say not to use it


I’ll have to order some after this weekend. More snow coming in & the courier service amazon has started using won’t be able to get to me. They drive small economy cars not fit for rural areas.

Answer: My water runs through limestone aquifer & high in calcium


In my cart and will checkout after I see how much more snow we have coming in. You think it’s ok to mix up what I have then turn in the dolomite when it arrives?


You could but I’m guessing you’ll have time to wait for it. I’d want to mix it all at once myself .


Well poo :poop: I will wait then. Hopefully I can order sooner than later. Neighbor had to dig out my drive yesterday just to get my heavy truck with 4WD out & these little courier cars won’t be able to get up my hill. Although it was kinda funny watching the last one sliding around :grin: but not worth someone getting possibly hurt.
Oh. I’m going with router attachment for my dremel rather than the palm router. I’ll play with that for a while :blush:
Thanks for your help tonight :hugs::heart::kissing_heart:


Granny, you don’t want dolomite lime.
Hard water has a P. H of 8.5 So you want to lower it.
You can lower it by using Sulphur So
Actually, between 6 and 7 is generally considered ideal, which is often be true, but this is where a mistake is often made. If your soil pH is 5.5, the common advice would be to add lime to raise the pH of our 5.5 soil, usually dolomite lime. Dolomite is calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

Raise p h add dolomite lime
Lower p h add sulpher


@garrigan6 Okay. So now I need to order sulfur to put in the mix, right? Or, if needed, then add?
I’ll take a current ph reading in the next couple of days after I recalibrate my ph meter just for a double check if you think I should. I really want to get this right. And there’s just no way I can be buying and hauling water. FYI I’m preparing to attempt a small indoor grow with a gifted seed and will be learning how to dial things in with that. :blush: Sure wish I had taken chemistry instead of shorthand back in the day :joy:


It may have got’n a little confusing but it’s your water that needs to come down. From what I understand it. Hardwater is 8.5 which is way to high. Needs to be 6.5 so I was thinking that if you added it to your water to bring it down. If you were to to that could you test your water before and after ?


What I was originally trying to do is correctly mix a new batch of soil. Knowing that my local water is hard I am trying to determine whether adding dolomite is a good or bad idea. I do have the ability to measure and adjust ph once I get growing. Maybe I’m overthinking about this but I tend to prefer being proactive and prevent problems rather than being reactive once problems come up. :relieved: Thanks for helping :hugs: @garrigan65


@garrigan65 if @SmoknGranny mixes her soil using the same parts as I do, but she has hard water. Why would you switch out sweet lime for sulphur because of hard water. Can’t she adjust the ph of the water.
1 more thing @garrigan65 if @SmoknGranny used say a zero water filter to filler her water. Wouldn’t removing the solids soften her water enough to make it exceptable to use?