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I’m going to trap a squrrile, get a large rubber band .that will make it powered but still portable!


I was thing of a motor wicch I have plenty of so that I could mix even more soil in one day.
I’m going to be working on this here pretty so i’d say. What a great idea your own cement mixer lmao


I think I could mix 2 cuft in about 10-15 min .
The motor would be a nice addition. You would have to secure the drum on the rollers or put the motor under the drum so it holds it down also


That’s what I was thinking about placing it under by raising the frame and placing the motor underneath and it don’t have to turn that fast either so I think it mite work and alos the size of the barrow plays a big part to


Can’t wait to see this.


Good morning weedpatch!
Had a couple friends over yesterday


What size motor are you thinking about?


Well there good day to you Granny,
I’m not to sure on that Granny.
I have about 4 maybe five motors around and there around the 4 to 8 HP motors so I really guess it all depends on how big of a barrel you going to use the bigger the barrel the bigger the motor. I would thing a 4 HP motor would turn a 30 gal barrel with no problem.
I’m going to do some heavy research on this and i’ll share my findings with you and the hairy monster.
Should have some good info by the end of this weekend for us. So hang in there ok ?


Sounds good to me :+1: If I don’t have the proper size I’m sure my neighbor or mechanic will. :wink:
As an aside … do you know anything about small handheld compact routers?


@garrigan65 if you could mount and bring down the motor on a arm you could use it as a direct drive. and that would hold the drum in place at the same time


What you trying to do with a compact router @SmoknGranny


Nothing yet :blush: I saw one advertised in Family Handyman magazine. I’m researching it now to see what possibilities it could have & ease of use. Once I get my tools moved to the garage this spring/summer & after I get these dang cataracts off, I’m thinking of getting back to doing some wood crafts.


I checked them out. Wide price range on them.


I saw that also. I’m looking at the Bosch Colt 1.0 I’ll try calling the company this week. While I like gadgets I have found some useful, others not so much.


Good morning Weedpatch! And the ancient one @garrigan65 in the corner looking for acme back scratcher.


And I was looking for it at 2:30 am this morning and I found it and used it by god…lmao


I’m using my back up :blush:


So I go to buy some bat guano and I grab a bucket of Sun leaves 0-13-0. Now this bucket is among other buckets and bags of bat guano.
The lable says"natural fertilizer". Well I just read the fine print on it and it says from rock phosphate!
Seems like they are being deceptive at best. Read the lables folks

@garrigan65 @SmoknGranny @bige @Budbrother


Found a clump of soft rock phosphate in the guano…


@Sasquatch Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered the 4 different kinds of bat guano from them yesterday. I’ll be cancelling that order today.

  • Cancelled now. I was looking at the Budswell guano. Anyone in the patch ever used this?