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Well granny, good to have you back as your old self. I don’t think we would have it any other way …… And thank you for the kind thoughts, they must be working because my are is just know getting back , but it’s still a ways off before it gets back to normal.
You will like that soil if you check out my journal

Will’s Journal Into The Unknown that soil in the pot have been used over and over again and all I did was add a little freash up and bingo
I’ll talk with ya on that later, but until then B Safe



@SmoknGranny don’t let @garrigan65 fool ya. Every chance he gets he’s in here whinning. Why just the other day he was complaining his arm got stuck trying to wipe… Well you get the idea


Hey @SITTINGBULL64 long time no see. How ya doin? You out there


We have the technology :rofl:



Oh it’s on now !! Oh ya it’s on I gota go do some catching up but i’ll be back LOL

And It’s good to see you back @Sittingbull64


LMAO! @SmoknGranny


@Sittingbull64 is still mia @garrigan65 I was just holarin at him to see if he’s woke up yet


Oh … well I was mind bend over how to reply to your post about my arm so I was a little busy … lmao



Granny don’t encourage this man, He can’t help what he say’s or for that mater what he does.
You know I have heard that the Lord works in mysterious ways, well this guy is way mysterious in fact he is so mysterious he thinks he’s an animal that lives in the woods and steals Harley’s as a side kick type thing.
Watch out to cause I heard he bites …. lmao


Sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself :rofl:
(Psssttt … I have a really good set of clippers for hairy Harley thieves!)


@SmoknGranny here’s some pictures of my little dirt mixer. I can mix 2cuft at a time.



Dang if you aren’t a creative hairy Harley thief :rofl:
2x4’s & casters :clap:t2: I’m impressed!


Yep. About as simple as you can get


Length and height please? I’ll give ya a hug :hugs:


20" in long
15" wild
front legs 9"
The bottom caster is placed according to your barrel.
Length and width can vary according to your barrelsize. The one I have is a 30gal open top drum


I have lots of drums, scrap lumber and assorted casters. With your design and measurements I bet this could be adjusted for even a 5 gallon bucket for mixing small batches. Thanks for the info. All I need now is to get my saw from the basement to the garage and change the blade. How soon can you get here to give me a hand??? :joy:


Now that’s clever !!
I could have used that alit sooner but better late than never and i got everything here to build me one.

Thanks oh hairy one. Lol


Just a little something I came up with between snatching Harleys @garrigan65


Tell ya what that is perfect setup.
You can make it for small or large grows. And it looks to be very portable also.


Totally portable @garrigan65
The little frame will fit inside that barrel