Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


I know you left the door wide open but I’m going to justwalk away! Lmao


This one’s for you ancient one @garrigan65


And this one is for the one in the woods.

This guy is awesome and off the cuff … lmao


To all you connoisseur and pioneers of fine herbal medications Happy New Years Eve!
Funny ass video right here

@garrigan65 , @bige , @SmoknGranny , and every one else I just for got cause… well cause…


He kills that Johnny B Goode cover!

And to my hairy friend, You can never go wrong with Kid Rock neither.




i’ve got enough time for two more grows,then i’m shutting down for summer…lol
i’ll do autos next…lol


I’m doing all super soil this grow. Keeping my fingers crossed I get some good weather this time around.


Any one use Happy Frog potting soil?
@Bige @garrigan65 @SmoknGranny @Budbrother


Nope. I’m using my local Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix as my base. I’ll be adding the extra meals, etc which I saw @garrigan65 is now listing in his current mix. Even though I used 3 cu ft last year using the 1/8 recipe (basically half strength) I see no reason to change base.
Now, having said that :blush: , I will see how well things go this year with a correct super soil mix!!! I’m actually in the process of adding ingredients to last years weak mix to use on my first indoor grow :crossed_fingers:


Yeah I’d do @Sasquatch What’s the question?


Does this stuff have much in the way of nutes in it? Can you use this for a base soil and amend it. Need a little guidance I recon


I use the FFOF as my base and then add in my organics. I use the FFHF in the top of my layering because it has a decent amount of castings in it it already. It has to be cut with something before you add in the seedlings. I use coco to cut mine. I like how coir speeds the drying time up. That FFHF is kinda muddy stuff.


Thanks for the info @Budbrother
so I can add my organics to this soil then. That was my big question with iit.
Always used what I could find local and fix it up. Price was right on this stuff so thought I’d give it a try.


Yeah I get mine locally as well. I prefer to support my local businesses when I can. :call_me_hand:t3:


@SmoknGranny I’m doing 6 plants in 10gal pots this coming grow. I picked up a 30 gal drum with a resealable lid. Put my dirt in,my organics close it up. Lay it down on some casters and roll it to mix it up good. I’ll post a picture when I get it all together


I’m looking forward to your pictures. I’m not sure quite yet what I am going to do with outdoor grow this year :thinking: If I can swing it I need to get my deck repaired and it’s right next to my outside grow area :tired_face: Might be a little hard to stay stealth with strangers around! Bad enough I had trespassers last year :rage: If I do grow outdoor I’ll probably go with a 7 gallon pot for photos and a 5 gallon for autos.


Well hello there stranger how have you been ?
I’m ok had the roda cup right side done and that’s about it


I’m doing better now mostly. Just had too much of negativity going on and needed some downtime. But I’m a coming back to my old onery self :blush:
I read about your surgery and was sending you positive thoughts. How’s the therapy going?