Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


our local tv tower is having problems dealing with cold here…
hope all is well brother…anyone heard from @Sittingbull64


Not a word out of @sittingbull64
They got smacked good over his way


Good Morning Weedville This morning were going back in time before the Sasquatch hahah ya right lmao


What’s up old timer ! @garrigan65


Not a hole lot just sitten here having fun and coffee


But for you younger fokes who visit the weedpatch




Your to funny myfriend


I see a blue sky!


finally got some sunshine!!!


So that’s where it went. 36+hrs of hard rain here


Same in va👍


merry christmas patch!


I had to save that one @BIGE


Morning Weedville Dec 20th 2018 Time to " WAKE UP "


Good morning and Merry Christmas Weedpatch! And the old guy in the corner @garrigan65 shoveling coal…


Good Morning old as dirt … how’s it going ?
Me … We have no hot water, the dryer went out and the heat won’t work. Not much more can happen … oh shit now something else is going to go out sure as shit…my guess will be the lights, hell why not everything else has gone out ,lmao at the same time being pissed off


Damit man who did you piss off!
The rain has left us. Wind stating to pick up some now. So what’s for dinner


Don’t know but do you think I could get anybody out here to check the power box …. F*&k NO!
Wouldn’t have it any other way … lol


You the only one out of power