Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


i sent message to you,did you change up anything?


I don’t think I did i’m on right now


how can I invite you ? I know where anh how but who do I ask for ?


last transmission was in jan…lol
someone lost your headphones


That’s funny right there


I’m getting a rain snow mix now


rain here right now but Deb just came in and said 7 inches now


Bcheck this out. !
I think we have 6" was raining at 1 0’clock last night so it had to have come down real hard last night.



We got abott 6 inches on top of about 2 in of slush. Lost power about 1;30 am till 6 pm


It stopped here around 3 am and started to melt now it’s ferrzing. Should be fun in the morning lol


I tree limbs down every where. I’ll be busy for a while cleaning up the mess s


how is the tribe doing this morning?
everyone alright? @garrigan65 @Sasquatch @Sittingbull64


I’m good…but cold as hell…


that’s good to hear buddy!
cold here as well but the little ice we got was gone the next morning…
i seen on the news you guys were getting hammered in a bad way…lol


Asheville area got hit harder than iI did. 12 to 18 inches there.
8 inches at the house


You lose power @garrigan65 ?


No we didn’t lose power but i’m sure we came close to it. Wet heavy snow. If we had got maybe just a little bit more i’m sure we would have, The snow is still there only a very little melted today. Did you get that mess cleaned up ? or are you going to wate till SPRING lmao


I’m going to wait till it dry up some. I done busted my ass 1 time messing around out side. I’m a quick learner lol


I learn quicker than you cause i wouldn’t have gone out in the first place…lmao


I had to get the tree branches of the sat dish.