Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


Well maybe you should see a doctor and get rid of it!


I did and this is what happened


one of my all time faves!


Rodney is my idol! No respect!
Caddy Shack is a all time favorite movie of mine


I use to watch him and the JACKIE CLEASON SHOW with ART CARNEY AKA ED NORTON


Hi Sweeties :hugs:
I’m okay and miss you all. I’m sorry for any concerns I may have caused by my absence. It’s been a rough long few months dealing with one too many deaths as well as hubby & life in general. Rather than be a “downer” here while working a bunch of stuff out I kinda went silent. A few things are easing up here and I will slowly get back here to aggravate you all :rofl:
@Sasquatch I’m going to try an indoor grow probably after the holidays are over and it’s going to be a challenge :crossed_fingers:
@garrigan65 I’m sorry about your surgery. Please keep up with your therapy and don’t overdo. FYI, I am patiently waiting for a book on carving walking sticks as inspiration and motivation to get my dang cataracts removed this spring. Maybe I’ll have something to share next summer :blush:
Hugs :hugs: and kisses :kissing_heart: SmoknGranny


I’m glad to see your ok @SmoknGranny springs around the corner!


Memphis is off for now @Bige



Great to hear from you. I hope you Thanksgiving was a good one. And my eyes are on the blink…lol need to get minendone soon also.
Wood carving, sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Till then …B Safe and Merry Chrismas



Gonna get cold this weekend.


Their calling for snow here, how much not sure yet, but we’re headed to the shopping store and stock up for a few days. Just in case




They saying 1 to 12 inches lol. Way to nail it down lol


@garrigan65 you snowed in or getting washed away… Nothing here


nothing yet but it’s coming … must go to the store ran out of whisky last night and that’s not good lol


Oh I transplant the girls last night. will post when my tab-let charges up. they are now starting to take off Sweeeeeeet
by the way I did 5 and they were put into 15 gal pots


i’m transplanting today!!!
rain is starting to freeze to trees here…
i’m heading to the car wash to wash my bags,and look like a tweaker…lol


It’s going to start here around noon or so.

Hey BIGE Imade a calander and would like for you to check it out.
You’ll need microsost word ok I’ll post it on skype for ya ok


ok,sounds great!


I lost you and everyone else on skype a while back so I need you to do what ever it is to do to get you back on my list ok