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three in the morn,then around 2-3ish in afternoon three more…if i worked in the yard or moved around alot 3 at night…i never go over ten for a day…i compliment it with smoking as well…


I will i need this to be over with quickly


GOOD MORNING WEEDVILLE I made it back home…lmao

Is to old man from the woods around today ?


Hope all is well man, make sure and take it slow at first. Perfect song for the situation.




Uh … over here


Oh…ok your still alive…lol


I know i kind of blend in @garrigan65 whens your shoulder repair?


It’s Nov !st and so i’em getting my house in order. I’em picking up my soil today so that I can start getting my soil mix done and the pots filled. ai’ll satart the seedlings most likely Thurs day. I figure I can take care of them with one hand. The trick will be transplanting. I do have a best friend who grows so I mite have him come over and help do that. The only thing is he can be a pain in the ass. Won’t listen and he thinks he know better than I. but other than that, he’s pretty cool dude.


Sounds like a plan @garrigan65 I hope all goes well with it. Getting to cold to grow outside. I’m putting my 3 autos under thehouse at night so they don’t freeze.plus side to that is you get up in the morning and the house smells really good.lol.


I hear that my friend. I’em not to sure if I can pull this next grow off. Been thinking about it and I;em not sure if it’s going to be to much for me to handle. Boy I didn’t think I would ever say that…lol But it is what it is and I can’t change that. Well I’ll just have to wait and see but I will get things setup just in case I decide to go for it…
Ya this cold air I can do with out that’s for dam sure…lol


I would think if you keep your arm in the sling while your working your plants.you should be good, add it gets stronger you you’ll be to use it more


It’s not going in a sling. It’s going in one of those braces that looks like a v sideways…lol It holds your arm up and out kinda dam thing cost $1,500.00 and my part was $200.00


Holy crap Batman!




Counting the days till spring! LOL


Old one…your still alive…lol



i’m just fine with winter…lol good morning @Sasquatch
@garrigan65 are you counting the days?


I would but I only have two hands…lol