Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


Haha think I’m hooked, makes me want to go bake somethin :wink:


any of you fellows know the parents of these? Some insects are ass holes but they do have some beautiful eggs lol…@sasquatch @garrigan65 @BIGE @Budbrother @DoomSack


i have no idea brother…lol


Looks exactly like “stink bug” eggs to me @Sittingbull64
see below.



We need to talk my friend


not a freakin clue! but your right… they look cool! @Sittingbull64


I always have a bunch of the “stink bugs” around my porch, never saw eggs though. Neat lookin, like an alien species lol prob cause there’s soil underneath the porch


seems you cant say pussies didn’t know that was a 4 letter word


pussies or pussy’s ?






What up old wise one!


Will things are about to get real crazy. November The 1st i’em going in for right shoulder replacement


@garrigan65 Hope things work out for you brother, joint replacement (no pun intended) is pretty routine anymore so you should be good. Then you will be able to move that baby pain free. Prayers your way…



Thank You for taking the time to say that…it means a lot to me



A shoulder replacement, wow that’s big. Good luck with your surgery. Hopefully you’l be pain free. Im sending you good vibes.


hoping all goes well will!


Best of luck @garrigan65 hope all goes good and smooth healing for ya bud :raised_hands:


holy crap… they wanted to do a rotary cuff repair on me… I put it off and put it off… shoulder is much better now… no surgery
Be sure you do your physical rehab on it…


@BIGE how many of those canacaps do you take?