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Good Morning Weedpatch! and the old guy @garrigan65 found another sax I the corner


Sorry about the links. Anyway raining here for the next 4 or 5 days. fun fun fun.



I seen where last week they had forest fires in the Arctic Circle, maybe the Amazon rain forest has moved North to The Smokies. I just know I am tired of all the rain and you guys seem to have had a little more than we have. Maybe we should blame it on the politicians they screw up everything else.


I 2nd that motion.


Yea Im tired of it… we did get 6 days out of 7 with sun shine last week. That’s got to be a record!


Gooooood Morrrrrning Weedville, and this one go’s out to my
" REAL OLD BUDDY " The @Sasquatch



This is what i cut this morning
It’s 26 inchs wide and 8 foot long and
1 1/2 inches thick

It came off this maple i squared off


You got a chunk of wood right there! dang… and your girls are looking good


Good morning Weedpatch !! and the old guy @garrigan65 in the corner looking for the door…

LIVE MUSIC ? Concerts and music you like ☠️

making those really neat table candles…just dip em in wax and set them on FIRE…lol


been a while since I heard Blind Melon !


@garrigan65 the second I saw the post up a few the guy wearing the red hat made me think of a recycle place a few towns over it says in big black letters “TONY THE DRUNK IS A THIEF” and the sign turns on with Xmas lights lmfao I snap a pic next time if I think of it


ahhh lol’n just thinkin of it :sweat_smile:


This one always makes me laugh. Good thing I’m not a thief cause they make it easy to steal.



Now getting a pic of that would be awesome ,go for it and post it here and over at Weedville


hey old wise one… smoke a bowl and listen …… @garrigan65

@BIGE @Sittingbull64


That is a fantastic price for the tree. That is some awesome wood and you can make beautiful tables and furniture with it ! I sold all of my specialty woods recently. I cannot work with wood any more. The dust will not let me do much work before I get sick.

I still have a lot of turning tools and hand equipment that I need to sell. I also have a old turning lathe that is solid steel and sure does turn out nice stuff. Hate to sell but can’t use it any more.

Hope all is goign well with you. :us::man_farmer:


Made my first batch of edible yesterday crunchy peanut butter spread thanks to @raustin :call_me_hand: just put some on an English muff lol


How did it come out? Was it strong enough for you? You can adjust the recipe to your preference.


It’s actually tasty almost has a peanut butter/ almond or some nutty flavor besides the peanut @raustin I did single dose waited 2hrs had a little buzz kickin so i went back n doubled up… dozed off til about 2 am was high as a kite when I woke lol thanks again. Think imma make some butter to have on hand