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happy anniversary @Sasquatch


Houston, I think we have a problem! I think one of my plants is a male.


You think? I’d bet you a dollar on it :wink:


You gotta have some balls in this hobby, just not that that kind. If you like the strain you could do some select breeding, we used to collect some of the pollen In a baggie and then pick one bud on one or two plants and pollinate just those buds. Seemed to work OK, but just be careful that stuff is like BRYL~ CREAM a little dab will do.


Yeah, it would be nice to collect and save some pollen. I just don’t see how as close as these plants are, along with the daily wind. I can’t throw a bag over it, that would kill it for sure. Any ideas?

It would be fun to cross this Critical Jack with a Hindu Kush. I’d have a Critical Jack Kush! :grinning:


Happy Birthday my friend

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If it is potted can you isolate it? If it is in the ground you have to watch it almost hourly cause they look pretty swollen, how old? You can try and take a cutting of it so it will be easier to contain . That would be some killer herb!


The plant is almost four months old. I can’t isolate or move it as the bags are too heavy. I do have cuttings in the cloner, and I can put more cuttings in. I do have a rack and a T35 light that I could make a clone mature under. Do the males need a light change like the girls do?

This fellow has just started putting his pods out. The girls aren’t flowering yet, so they’re safe for now. Crossing him with one of my Kush plants would be killer weed. He’s a very stinky plant, so I’m betting he’d pass on a good terpene profile.

I may just try hard to clone him, mature the clone, get the pollen and vac seal and freeze it. I’ll be growing Kush clones indoors over the winter and could pollinate one of them. Hmmmm…


I`m not sure on the light change , but the male usually shows first in the strains I have dealt with. Let me know what you do and if it works… one never knows. Take er easy.


@Holmes and @Loneviking

Male plants use the same light change.


now how did that happen?


Good morning old one of the woods…how’s it go


Good Morning Weedpatch! and the old guy @garrigan65 in the corner drifting away …….


its going for now old wise one


Thia guy came up to me yesterday and offered to sell me a Burl Tree. Have you ever heard of one ?


I have. If I not mistaken they have a very unusual wood grain pattern.

hard to come across… you might better check it out


If you have weed-growing neighbors you don’t like, you could let it go and just hide your other plants inside :slight_smile:


He wants $3000.00 for it. The tree had 5 or more on it. I checked into it and the tree is worth a lot more like 40,000.00
He also has a white oak at 14 feet in dia


holy crap! that would crush your trailer! lol
Man if you got the money Id get it yesterday.
you got to study them to figure the best way to cut to maximize the grain
hell you could make a nice profit and not lay a blad on it. But the stuff you could create with it… but your going to have some pricing pieces …


Lol, one of those ‘free seeds with every order’ thing… Now I know why it was free!