Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


Hows it going out your way @Loneviking


Howdy Mr Squatch! It is hot and smoky! The plants don’t seem to mind though. They are growing like weeds. :laughing:


how the winds ? They fill them cages yet?


They are trying to! I read somewhere that Hindu Kush was supposed to stay short. Mine are close to 6 ft tall! The shorter one is an Afgoo that really wants to be a big leafy bush


Nice! I cant see the cages any more! lol


Good Morning Weedpatch! and the old guy @garrigan65 in the corner looking for a cork


No, I’m still looking for those dam keys


your going to run out of depends one day ya know… LMAO


Already have a long time ago…lmaoo




Good morning Weedpatch ! and the old guy @garrigan65 in the corner still looking for his keys


good morning patch!!
another day on the green side of life!


How you doin over there @BIGE been raining for going on the 3rd day


we are dry as of now,bearable…heat and humidity on the way back but we have had a few great days of late…


oh hell the suns coming out!!!


Mine arrived today. Here’s a decent size comparison (GRAV 14mm glass bowl) So far so good, but the “never-clogs” part still has me skeptical. That said, if it does (I’m thinking in the neck where the tabs restrict the airflow) a quick blast with the torch should clear it.

If your grind it fine, you may lose some into the bong first draw, so I found tapping it out but leaving some ash/debris fixes that. If it does need to be removed to clean, I’ll report on that :wink: #fairandbalanced :wink:


been using mine heavily and so far no clog, Im not getting a mouth full of ash


I have an ash-catcher attached to a beaker, so ash isn’t as much an issue for me as losing trichomes to a water-bong bath :smile:


I have a glass 8 in sherlock I smoke most of the time and its working great in it.


late morning for me… whas up Weedpatch!