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@garrigan65 has vowed to promote recreational marijuana use in his community. Here’s the photo stating the pros and cons of weed the local paper ran
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I agree 100%.


Perfect @Sasquatch


ccv from @garrigan65 compound when his seeds popped


they popped then poof!! lol
great stuff @Sasquatch


Lmao @BIGE This is @garrigan65 we’re talking about! hahahhahaha



I gota give it to ya. Your hard to beat…lmfao



Its all fun brother… 48


sh@ts and giggles! lol
i’m glad we can have fun while we learn how to grow! lol


Run @garrigan65 Run!


thanks @Sasquatch ,now i can’t stop watching!


Sorry fokes I’ve been down with the flu.
But today I woke up feeling like my old self again.

So let’s go and get this party started


good deal will! party on!


I am and I will lol


Glad you’re feeling better :hugs:. Just don’t overdo and have a relapse!



Thank you hun…I just found out that now there has been 4 deaths here where i live from the flu.
That’s 4 people in the past week and a 1/2. SCAREY IF YOU ASK ME !



You’re welcome. Knock on wood but I haven’t heard much about the flu in my area :+1:. Last Friday I helped a guy find theraflu at the grocery store then realized how sick :face_with_thermometer: he was. As soon as I could politely get away from him I ran for the bathroom and washed my hands. Yep, it’s scary and I can’t get sick again much less bring it home to hubby!!!
Made an appointment for Monday with my mechanic to replace my tire sensor (sold hubs truck so can finally pay for my truck repair) only to find out my mechanic has a cold. :worried:
But like I said, please again, don’t overdo or I’ll have to drive your way and whup you :rofl:


That flu is kicking butt every where. My girlfriend was down 2 1/2 weeks with it!
A Sasquatch don’t get sick!
oh and glad your feeling better!


This reminds me of @garrigan65


@garrigan65 is it time for old people to get up yet?
asking for a friend hahahhaha!