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Man, that Marihuana farmer ditty just keeps rolling around in my head!


@ Sasquatch when did anything ever go right brother if it can happen it will but talk to me about that what’s the problem later brother bye


@ Sasquatch

Now you know the soil that I posted up there if you read the ingredients it’s for flour okay not to seedlings if you’re going to use it for veg I would let your feelings get to be like around 8 to 10 leave and then put them into veg in a bigger pot and then flower even a bigger pot by


@ Sasquatch

Now if you’re going to use that soil recipe for a singer seedlings you would take your pee in your k and not that down so as low as you possibly can get it and then you can use at 12 for you you know ceiling and then add more for your veg and then you know up at for your flowering knocking down the end but I haven’t had any problem with it


Ill give you a hollar Saturday


ok b saff till then my friend



for those of you looking for 10 gal growbags… Here’s a great deal on some 10 bucks for 6 10 gal pots


that is a steal!


I got 6 5gal pots for 8 and thought it was a deal! If you search this brand you can find other good deals on them


thanks for the input @Sasquatch we like saving $$
i believe my last pot purchase was 7gal for 15$ 6 count


Of course I’m looking for 7 gallon bags! Lol


Best Ive seen lately On 7 gal @bob31



Morning old as dirt…lol


That may be true @garrigan65 , But there was some really good bud involved…lol


Hey @garrigan65 I came across this the other day. Seems like it be a good one to add a few amendments too. the NPK #s are not right on amazon. Manufacture says .09-.09-.09
30 bucks at amazon. 10 bucks at your local Ace hardware going to get a bag and check it out.



Thank you. I will check it out.



Just a typical day on the @garrigan65 compound …

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bwahawaha, those weedNions are about to get violated!!! lol


LMAO!!! You come up with the funniest things! Thank you, i needed that laugh


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