Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature



Your not kidding there my friend lmao


You been doing ok? Freezin your ass off? @garrigan65



You know it buddy F’n cold here 12 this morning but to warm up Friday and thru Sunday to 60 don’t figure then back to single digits


Got down to 8 here… to cold to go outside! LOL
Spring is just around the corner


@garrigan65 got a little confused


Then @garrigan65 got a really bright Idea lol



Oh boy ! here we go lmao



Being the gracious host he is, @garrigan65 has provided instructions for all you diy folks


i’d rather smoke from the diet coke can that washed that bag of cheetoes down!!! lol


@garrigan65 is a determined Global Ambassador

Maybe we could all chip in and buy him a bic lighter…lol

@Sasquatch and @Hogmaster and @Countryboyjvd1971 and @BIGE and @laurap and @AnneBonny and @Bob31

And this is my lighter


will, you are going to get cheeto lung!!!



No, But you know you can take this pipe any where and use it. And if the cops see you all ya got to do is eat it.


Good morning Weedville just starting to jam at the compound…lmao


A little update on @garrigan65 , He’s getting ready for spring planting



Dam, you Let my secret out


@garrigan65 I’m just tryin to help some of these folks with a few of your time honored tips!


Recently a famous singer song writer (who shall remain name less) stopped by the @garrigan65 compound and wrote this little ditty about our infamous Global Ambassador



Hahahhaa @Sasquatch
Catchy little jingle and the farmer does looking like @garrigan65 hahaha
Thanks for putting a smile in my face tbis morning brother :+1:


anytime my friend ! Glad it did!


Ha! This was awesome @Sasquatch