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I think I got @garrigan65 fired up!



And I’m sure I’m NOT encouraging such behavior … as I sit here giggling :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Ok @garrigan65 time to back it down a notch


one of my favs!


OMG Look what @garrigan65 got me for xmas!! 48



And your so lucky, cause not everyone gets one of those…lol



That is some awesome work brother. Glad to see you can get around and do things.



.Jerry, haven’t seen you for a while now , how an the hell have you been ? I’em fine and doing well. My feet are never going to be the same again when I get my settlement i’ll be coming down to Texas. I have found a truck I need there so we will have to hook up then should be some time in Feb. I got rid of my girlfriend so i’em free to do what ever I want to hhahahaha

B Safe Jerry and also give me a call. I have lost all my contacts so if you have Yoish’s or something like that’s number I need it to add to my contacts cause he is still my friend and I would still like to call him Thanks Jerry and Merry Xmas


Hope every one had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of soxs!



Cheeto’s up the yang yang…lmao



True story, I actually rolled one and gave it to Paul McCartney in 1976 at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City


I believe it :+1:. But then again I was toking with Dicky Betts and the rest of the band before they made it big!




quite in here… guess I need to wake @garrigan65


been wandering where on earth was @Sasquatch:thinking:
glad you are checking in!


I think he’s busy with his Cheetos image



Your to funny honey…but that’s not what I snort…lmao


GOOD MORNING weedville

How I Feel Garrigan