Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


Awesome and I’ll save a dance :dancer: for you! Lordy, it’s been years since I’ve danced :grimacing:


I’m sure you still got it Granny thumb


That is so cool! @garrigan65 who knew?


it ain’t easy being cheesy!! :smiley: kool!


Bring your own Bob? @SmoknGranny


@garrigan65 what happened to GAMRDE? I told every one I knew a GAMRDE!
And they said noooo you don’t know a GAMRDE ! And I said yes I do know a GAMRDE !
and now they’re all coming over to see the GAMRDE! what am I going to tell them?getting-stoned


t is this thing you call a " Gamrde " I have no idea what that is…sorry not a clue


I’ll settle for a Bill :joy:


Yes You do know
@garrigan65 Global Ambassador/Modorato/Reseacher and DefIciency Expert At Bergman Lab


There are a lot of car enthusiast here…so this Christmas song is for you.



Even changed my avatar lol


what happened to the Cheeto dude?


I was told to stop fooling around with the avatar…lol


Yea you got a bend to the man! LMBO! @garrigan65



Just getting the day started at the Compound;
Here’ to your first cup of coffee or beer lol


Now @garrigan65 likes to play all these tunes so we all think hes a hip dude and all.
When in reality ever Friday and Saturday night you can find @garrigan65 on the couch with a family sized bag of Cheetos while listening to


And this is what Garrigan has to say about that




This is what I got to say…to you…lmao