Weedpatch the Weedville anex for those who want to be closer to nature


I like these guys! Have you heard “Turn it up? Loud!” ?


As usual a great job. I’ve seen a variation on that burning process but was always afraid of trying it. I’m waaay too accident prone :rofl:


@garrigan65 IF you are interested, a friend of mine made the following hobbit/fairy house out of large base of a tree. This one sold for $2000


That is friggin hilarious!! “I aint never smokin weed with willy again!”
-Toby Kieth


One of my all time favorites @Growit


Good Morning Weedville. I’em still on the wild side this morning


For everyone that missed the party: We ended up with about 30 people. All my family & neighbors on the hill. Midway up hill @ one house we made a spook house & bounce house for kids. Ontop of hill we had the adult party with magic brownies (& i mean Magic!), moonshine, bbq, cajun food (bestie from n orleans came) & music. We didnt stop till 6am. I was still loaded the next day. One of the best bdays ever!


Wow sorry I didn’t make it! sounds like a blast. Happy Birthday @Laurap





boy, isn’t that the truth. now that was was well said…lmfao

will bong7bp


Anyone recognize Joes drummer or pianist?


Good morning Weedville, we had some wild friends at the Compound last night. Check’em out



I’m not a fan of Marilyn Manson but I like the latest stuff he’s been putting out.


Me think it was more like this @garrigan65

Saturday Night at the @garrigan65 compond


Hey @garrigan65 can ya help me out?


no spare matches?lol



Best I can do…LOL




Good Morning all yall



Good morning my friend, I be up and running lmao